Unbounded Contexts, Ambient Surveillance and the Internet of Things

Give me the password to your phone. Not a particularly tempting offer, is it? Have you ever wondered why you would be afraid for someone to see the photos or messages on your phone?

Privacy is important because it empowers you to define yourself as you want in a given situation or context. It lies at the core of individualism and our desire to be autonomous beings, however culturally or socio-economically relative that may be.

Source: Bill Butcher FT

Let’s be clear, based on what we can see in the way people use online platforms…

Imagine the situation. You’re late for work. You barely have time to take a shower and finish your coffee. You open your phone and instead of wondering which bus you have to take today and when it will arrive, the bus comes to your door and drops you off at your office. There’s a catch — there is no driver, the bus has no internal combustion engine and there is no traffic.

This is the future of automated shared mobility.

Source: Bosch

In the EU today, 90% of the population lives in cities with a level of pollution that is harmful to…

Daniel Cohen

MA of Public Policy at Central European University, Budapest and IBEI, Barcelona. Interested in Technology, Philosophy and the Digital Transformation of Society

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